What’s your story?

Many years ago, early in my career, I was given the opportunity to write and win my first cash flow deal. The  prospect ran a group of Gymnasiums with a complex structure and an even more complex request for finance.

Enthusiastically I absorbed and interpreted all the financial data available to me. I left no stone unturned and prepared a detailed (long!), fantastic (so I thought), request for approval.

My boss at the time took one look at the analysis and then turned to me and asked, “so what do they do?”

His question taught me an immediate and valuable lesson. Sound financial analysis is vital but can only go so far without an in-depth understanding of a client.

This includes their background, operating model, competitive advantage, goals and objectives, amongst other things.

Their story is the reason a marginal lending opportunity becomes an approval. It is the foundation for a strong relationship with a bank and all too often it is forgotten and overshadowed by analysis of financial data.

All clients have a unique story and not all bankers have the skills and ability to listen to clients, believe in the story and most importantly, retell it to their credit team with genuine advocacy and passion.

That is where an experienced finance broker can help.

If your current banker hasn’t asked you and doesn’t know your story, feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear it!

Rohan Wood – Director O2 Finance
Ph: 0422 507 705