Why Refinance?

How much attention do you pay to your home loan?
If you haven’t reviewed it for the past 2 or so years, it is possible you are missing out on some significant opportunities.

Here are a few:

• There’s the opportunity to save money by improving your interest rate.

• The option to fix a rate to achieve repayment certainty.

• The chance to apply for an increase for some of those renovations you’ve been dreaming of.

• Maybe even look at unlocking some of the equity in your home to invest.

All of these are great reasons to think about it. Talking specifically about your interest rate, when it comes to reviewing your mortgage rates, it’s no secret the banks generally push harder to win new clients than they do in retaining existing ones. Banks sometimes rely on existing clients becoming complacent and not reviewing their home loans regularly.

If that’s the case, then why isn’t everyone refinancing?
Some people have the right loan for them at a great interest rate so they have no need. However, for many it comes down to time and effort. Let’s be honest – there is some effort in organising a refinance. Meetings, preparing documents, filling out forms and so on… But if a small investment in time could give you significant savings over the life of the loan, then why not make that investment?

Even better, give me a call – it’s my job to take the pain away from refinancing. As a broker I undertake a fact find to understand what’s important to you and your goals and then make recommendations based on your needs. I will negotiate the interest rates, complete many of the forms on your behalf and work through the entire process with you until you have settled (and beyond!).

Contact me and tell me what you’re hoping to achieve by refinancing your loan. If there is an opportunity to help, then I would love to assist. You might be surprised what you can achieve by a simple review.

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